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5 ways to store cleaning tools

5 ways to store cleaning tools.In order to clean the house, we have a lot of cleaning tools in our home, but there are more and more cleaning tools, especially large cleaning tools such as vacuum cleaners and mops. How can we store them to save trouble and space? Next, we can look at these specific storage methods.

1. Wall storage method

Don’t put the cleaning tools directly on the wall to store them. Make good use of the wall space and increase the storage space. When using the wall to store cleaning tools, we can choose a wall in a spare area, which does not hinder our daily activities and is convenient for us to use. We can install a storage rack on the wall and hang cleaning tools such as mops and brooms to reduce area.

In addition to hook-type storage racks, we can also use this type of storage clips that can be installed without punching, which will not damage the wall, but also better store long-shaped cleaning tools such as mops, such as bathrooms. In a relatively humid space, installing a storage clip is also more convenient for the mop to dry and prevent the breeding of bacteria.

2. Utilize fragmented space for storage

Do you have a lot of space in your home that you can’t use? Perfect for storing cleaning tools, such as:

Gap between refrigerator and wall

This single wall-mounted storage clip is very easy to install, and the hole-free installation design will not destroy the wall space, and most of the fragmented space can be easily placed, and there is no pressure to install it in the gap of the refrigerator.

corner of wall

The corners of the wall are easily overlooked by us. If it is used to store large cleaning tools, it is also a good way!
space behind door

In addition, the commonly used hook at home is also a storage tool that is especially suitable for use in fragmented spaces, such as pressing on the window frame, behind the door, etc., which can make full use of the space and store cleaning tools.

Three, storage room storage method

The storage room storage method, as the name suggests, is to prepare a storage room at home. It is best to have a dedicated storage room when designing the house, and it will be easier to store various items. Of course, it doesn’t matter if there is no storage room, just make one yourself. The blank area formed by the bottom of the stairs and the wall is an excellent place to play freely.

You can use a relatively large storage rack to divide the space to a certain extent to place some cleaning tools that can be stored without hanging or can be retracted, for example, a mop that can be split; of course, other sundries at home can also be Put it in the storage room!

Hooks or perforated boards can be installed around to store brooms and other items, and bulky and bulky items such as vacuum cleaners can be placed directly on the ground. Finally, they can be hidden by installing a door or hanging a curtain directly. “La!

Fourth, create a cleaning tool storage cabinet

In fact, the cleaning tool storage cabinet and the storage room have the same purpose, that is, the space is slightly smaller, and it is not difficult to operate. You can choose a corner cabinet and match it with a hole storage board to complete the storage of large cleaning items.

The hole-free storage board is installed without punching, and can be freely combined according to the space in the cabinet. It has strong flexibility and will not damage the cabinet wall. It can save space by hanging all cleaning tools, which is also a good storage method.

Five, centralized collection method

In addition to the previous storage methods, we can also choose to collect cleaning tools to form a storage area, such as a balcony. Now most houses will have a balcony. Generally, the large item is a washing machine, and the space utilization rate is not high. High, it is easy to cause a waste of space.

If it is matched with various storage items such as hooks, storage racks, perforated boards, etc., it can be used to store large cleaning tools, and a small cleaning pool or sink can be built to facilitate cleaning of cleaning tools, cleaning + storage in one step in place! Collecting cleaning tools is not only convenient to use, but also more beautiful and orderly.

Share a coup to make the cleaning tool storage area beautiful

In fact, the reason why many people make a special trip to store cleaning tools is more to make the home more beautiful and tidy.

But I didn’t get the trick. I found that I was busy for a long time and tried various methods, but the effect was still unsatisfactory.

The problem is not actually, how to store these cleaning tools. As you can see in the picture above, it is only the storage method of the hook arrangement. The fundamental reason for the beauty is that the cleaning tool itself has a high appearance.

Therefore, to improve the appearance of the cleaning tool storage area, we must start with the cleaning tool itself. You can start with this modular cleaning tool, a telescopic rod, and different replacement heads to cope with different cleaning scenarios. The most important thing is good looks

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