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Practical Tool

6 practical toolboxes, sewing and patching to solve small problems in life, let home installation 6 to take off

6 practical toolboxes, sewing and patching to solve small problems in life, let home installation 6 to take off.It is said that men are born with tool control and always wish they could have a workshop full of tools. But the reality is that there are too many tools in a disorganized way, and they are often not found without mentioning, and they will be complained by family members. Is there anything that can meet the needs of all kinds of tools, and can be stored in an orderly manner without taking up too much space? Choosing a practical toolbox that is compact and easy to carry can completely solve the above troubles. The following 6 household toolboxes are recommended for you, which can easily solve the problems of home improvement, and DIY is more handy!

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This toolbox includes 10 types of screwdriver bits, screwdrivers with interchangeable bits, claw hammer, 3-meter tape measure, 8-inch adjustable wrench, high bite force needle nose pliers, and utility knife, a total of 7 household tools, suitable for Daily assembly and disassembly, simple maintenance and use.

The inside of the toolbox is protected by foam, and each tool has its own place, which is easy to store and don’t have to worry about losing it. The 10 screwdriver heads are made of chrome-plated alloy and are durable. They are all common specifications and can meet the needs of daily home use.

This toolbox contains household tools such as claw hammer, wrench, needle nose pliers, utility knife, tape measure, 1 roll of electrical tape, screwdriver adaptor, and 130 practical accessories. The built-in tools are all forged from high-hardness alloy steel, with an anti-rust electroplating layer, which is not easy to rust and looks like new for a long time. Compared with the previous model, there are more types of tools and more accessories. A very affordable toolbox.

The box is designed with tight card slots, the arrangement of tools is clear at a glance, and the storage is more orderly. With the upper cover parts box, the baffle is detachable, and the space can be adjusted according to your own needs. If your home is being renovated or you are a very hands-on person, you can’t go wrong with this one~

This is a practical toolbox recommended by the editor for many times. It has won the Red Dot Product Design Award. It contains 6 essential tools including a double-headed hammer, a ratchet screwdriver, a pointed pliers, a wrench, a safety knife, a tape measure, and a magnetic tool. Head set, storage box 3 kinds of practical tools. The box body is made of heat-resistant and low-temperature resistant ABS material, which is fashionable and simple, and has good impact resistance.

The double-headed hammer is one of its highlights. The two ends of the hammer are made of PU material and high-hardness carbon steel material, which can easily deal with objects of different materials, both soft and hard. The hammer handle is made of TPE skin-friendly non-slip material, which is very comfortable to grip~

Different from the previous two models, the Miwu Toolbox is equipped with a 3-way adjustable ratchet screwdriver with a 3-way adjustable screw design, which can adjust the direction according to the actual use situation.

Wicks is a brand that many value friends like very much. In addition to the familiar claw hammer, tape measure, adjustable wrench, wire cutter, L-shaped Allen wrench and other practical tools, this toolbox is also equipped with 12V lithium electric impact drill and A wide range of practical drills/bits.

The impact drill has a built-in high-quality motor, 2 high and low speed, 3 gears, 18 gears torque adjustable, 5 layers of intelligent protection, safe and practical. There is a lighting lamp directly under the drill bit, which is also very easy to use in narrow spaces and low-light environments. It is very convenient to install furniture and make holes in daily life. The price is also relatively cheap in the Wicks toolbox, with low investment and high cost performance, suitable for novice players to buy.

Bosch’s toolbox is fully functional, built-in a variety of drill bits, 600W high-power high-quality motor, strong power, can screw screws, and has a very strong impact function, which can be used on lightweight concrete walls, wood, metal, and brick walls. Drilling work. This model is wired design, double insulation can avoid electric shock, 1.7kg self-weight, can meet the needs of disassembly and assembly of large pieces of furniture, household or small project construction can be

In addition, the toolbox is also equipped with hammers, wrenches, pliers, tape measures, expansion screws and other household essential tools, one-stop solution to various problems in household installation ~ major platforms have good sales and reputation, advanced It’s the right choice!

Whether it is home improvement or manual DIY, this toolbox can meet your needs. The 16V impact drill can well complete wood drilling, electrical disassembly and repair, hardware installation, tightening screws, toy disassembly and other operations. Built-in high-energy lithium battery, The wireless design is more unconstrained, and the 8+1 multi-speed torque adjustment can accurately control the operation; the LED lighting can clearly illuminate the working environment, and it can also work easily in small dark corners.

There are also conventional tools such as Allen wrench, wire stripper, screwdriver set, 3M tape measure, utility knife, etc. in the toolbox. In addition, it is also equipped with a less common glass hole saw, which is made of high-strength carbon steel, and the cutter head is added with emery Made of electroplating, it is more durable and stronger than ordinary glass hole saws, and it is more suitable for high-end players to choose~

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