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Home Electronics The pillow is generally made up of two parts: the pillow core and the Cotton waterproof pillow protector.

The pillow is generally made up of two parts: the pillow core and the Cotton waterproof pillow protector.

Pillow is a sleeping tool . It is generally believed that the pillow is people for the comfort of sleep and the use of filling, and from modern medical research on the understanding that the human spine, from the front, is a straight line, but the side view is with four physiological bending curves, in order to protect the normal physiological bending of the neck, to maintain normal physiological activities when people sleep, people must use the pillow when sleeping. The pillow is generally made up of two parts: the pillow core and the Cotton waterproof pillow protector.
How to choose a suitable pillowcase
If you are worried about body secretions causing your pillow to turn yellow, I recommend using a waterproof pillow cover . This will be perfect for avoiding yellowing and making your pillow more hygienic . Try choosing a comfortable Cotton waterproof pillow protector . It will make sleeping quieter and it will give you better quality sleep . If you are worried about your pillow harbouring bugs, you can choose a Bedecor mattress protector . This will allow bugs to enter the pillow without a hole, making it more secure and safe. This makes the pillow even safer.
Cotton waterproof pillow protector
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How often should I wash my pillowcase?
The pillows we use are probably harbouring at least sixteen species of fungus, and as we all know, they are filled with stuffing, which is actually a breeding ground for mites and mould. So many bacteria and fungi, we will use machine washing pillowcase to choose a mild washing method, hot water and laundry detergent for a full mix before rinsing . It is recommended not to use powdered cleaning supplies, such as laundry detergent, to use laundry detergent as a liquid detergent, because if you are using powdered cleaning supplies such as laundry detergent, after rinsing it is still very easy to have residues in it. As bacteria and fungi tend to grow, it is recommended to wash our Polyester Jersey Waterproof Pillow Protector every three weeks.
How do I wash my pillowcase properly?
The pillowcase is one of the most important parts of the pillow and is particularly prone to getting dirty, yellowing and breeding germs due to its frequent contact with the head and other parts of the body. Therefore, the pillowcase dirty or yellowing should be timely cleaning, the following small part of the pillowcase yellowing how to wash, pillowcase cleaning methods.
The yellowing Polyester Jersey Waterproof Pillow Protector before cleaning, it is best to first in the hot sun for one to two hours, so more effective to wash away the yellow marks. After the sun, immediately soak the pillowcase, to thoroughly soak through the stains on the pillowcase . It is best to use warm water or hot water, laundry detergent and other detergents put in together with soak for more than an hour.
After soaking through, whether hand wash or machine wash, wash them first with washing powder etc. to wash away the basic sweat spots. Many washing powders do not work on sweat spots that have been stored for a longer period of time, while detergents will be more effective, so after washing with washing powder you can wash again with detergent to wash away these stains.
Polyester Jersey Waterproof Pillow Protector
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The advantages of Quilted King Size Mattress Topper are.
1, protect the mattress, reduce hotel operating costs mattress protection pad makes the human body and the mattress is not in direct contact, blocking the mattress fabric and the human body or clothing to produce direct friction, reduce the risk of daily wear and tear of the hotel while ensuring the cleanliness of the mattress, both to enhance the comfort of the mattress and to extend the life of the mattress. For example, for guests with babies, the hotel can provide them with a waterproof mattress protector, which allows the mattress to avoid “suffering”.
2, easy to clean, to create a hotel pure sleep because the hotel protection pad compared to the mattress, quite light and convenient, can be replaced regularly, disassembly and cleaning, which can be a good solution to the cleaning problem, to avoid the use of unhygienic mattresses, to keep the hotel sleep environment neat and comfortable.
3 . Improve sleep comfort, increase the beauty of the bed with the mattress to ensure that the mattress is clean compared to the conventional Quilted King Size Mattress Topper . Down protection comfort pad can not only protect the mattress, but also more soft, more elastic, can fit the body’s various curves, to provide users with reasonable sleep support strength, improve the comfort and softness of sleep. At the same time, the fluffy and full appearance adds to the aesthetic appeal of the bed.
Quilted King Size Mattress Topper
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A good mattress will ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. The water absorption mattress pad is an effective way to protect the mattress on top of this, and we can then lay the sheets on and use it straight away.
Although some people think that a mattress protector is not necessary at all, as some mattresses are inherently dirt-proof and even have anti-mite and anti-bacterial properties. I didn’t think it was necessary either, but when I ordered a mattress from the Dreamspinner shop, the Dreamspinner shopper reminded me of this. She said that the mattress absorbs most of the moisture we lose every night while we sleep.
Moreover, we metabolise millions of dander every hour, which accumulates on the mattress while we sleep. This not only affects our sleep health, but also the hygiene and longevity of the mattress. The Bedecor water absorption mattress pad creates an invisible layer of protection on the outside of the mattress, protecting it from liquid erosion and parasites, and can also greatly enhance the life of the mattress, reducing our additional financial burden.
water absorption mattress pad
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How to choose adult pads
The choice of absorbent bed pads incontinence for the elderly should be a combination of comfort and suitability, firstly to meet the basic requirements: a smooth surface with a fine texture and no residue; secondly, the pad should also have a certain absorption effect to prevent side leakage of urine from soiling the bed linen and bedding; thirdly, to refuse reverse osmosis, so the pad should have an infusion layer and a surface texture that can assist in absorbing urine; finally, it should be hard-wearing and not easily wrinkled.
The choice of absorbent bed pads incontinence for the elderly should be cost-effective, and there are many popular adult care pads on the market. The pads are made with a thin, absorbent layer that is light and comfortable.
absorbent bed pads incontinence
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They are also embossed with a small square diamond shape, heat sealed and have a waterproof base layer for peace of mind and protection against leakage.
The adult care pads are not only suitable for the elderly but also for incontinent people with mobility; for traffic jams/travel/outings/special operations etc.; for people with inconvenient toileting; for menstruating women, for post-operative/incontinence care, for post-natal malodour care, for night-time use during menstruation, for baby diaper changing, for care and outings, for post-natal, post-operative, incontinent people with mobility problems, for people with moderate to severe incontinence or post-operative mobility problems. for people with moderate to severe incontinence or post-operative mobility problems.
The care of the elderly now accounts for a large part of people’s daily lives, and people will more or less have symptoms of incontinence in their old age, so it is important to choose the right adult care pads for the elderly.

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