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How to thoroughly clean your computer from the inside out?

How to thoroughly clean your computer from the inside out?.I don’t know if you’ve ever had the same question as Shichao when you first came into contact with a computer.

The computer hard disk why the default are named from the C disk, followed by D, E disk, then the alphabet in front of the C A, B disk where to go, it is not want to C-bit debut?Later, Shi Chao learned the specific reason to find out that they were too young, in fact, in the very early days, the computer did have A, B disk.

At that time there was no hard disk, the storage of data mainly relies on something called floppy disk, so usually in the computer is equipped with two floppy disk drives, which is commonly known as A, B disk.

However, the storage capacity of floppy disks is extremely small, generally only a few MB or even a few hundred KB, to now want to save a picture is also enough to choke, and was soon replaced by a larger storage space hard disk, while the name of the disk drive has been retained down.

Although the capacity of mechanical or solid-state hard drives on computers now has increased tremendously compared to floppy disks, but in everyday use, you can still often encounter the hard drive capacity is not enough, right?

Especially as the system disk C disk, system restore/update files, virtual/configuration files, registry and software runtime cache or junk files, etc., will remain on this disk, accidentally filled with a variety of files.

If you delete a file by mistake, you can’t guarantee that your computer or driver won’t start up, and a series of problems will occur.

So today, I would like to talk to you about how to clean up the C drive.

Many people may not notice that the Windows 10 system is actually the same as the Android phone, comes with a garbage cleanup function, so that we can simply clean up the disk space quickly.

The two shortcut keys Win+i on the computer keyboard will directly pop up the main interface of the computer settings.

A couple of days ago a friend found Sister, said her computer is very card, let Sister help clean up, Sister take a look, friend’s computer junk is simply too much, so Sister help friend clean up a little, and then not at all card. The friend asked Sister to teach her step by step how to clean up, so Sister wrote a super detailed tutorial for friends, knowledge is very dense, we all look carefully ha.

First of all, first manually clean up the trash of the C drive. Double-click My Computer on the desktop – then C Disk right-click – select Properties.

In the properties panel, select Disk Cleanup.

This time the files to be deleted are selected, you see the temporary files of my sister reached 16.3G, simply too much space on the computer, so all selected, and then OK.

At this time to see, clean up a lot of ah, these are not thorough enough, let us continue to clean up!

Here we open the 360 security guard, I told you how to continue to clean up ha. Open the 360 Security Guard software, and then point computer cleanup.

This time the system detects that Sister’s computer has 22.5G of garbage, and then check them all, all cleaned up.

Select Clean All.

This time 22.5G garbage cleanup is complete, happy!

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

The first thing you need to do is to open the D drive – QQ directory – video and delete all these QQ chat temporary pictures manually, which is where the cleaning software can’t sweep.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot of money from the internet, and you will be able to get a lot of money from the internet.

In addition, we must develop a good habit of using the computer. First of all, when you install the program, you must not install to the C disk, should be installed to the D disk or other non-system disk, if the default installation to the C disk, then the computer will be more and more card! Usually the computer with the file in a timely manner, the computer desktop icon is not commonly used must be deleted ha.

In addition, not commonly used files, I recommend not to put into the computer, you can play into the zip package unified into the network disk, such as Baidu network disk, so it is very convenient, even if your computer problems, then as long as there is a network will open the network disk.And if the computer C disk space is not enough, you can use the system comes with a partition to expand the C disk space, the method is very simple. Right-click Computer – Management – Disk Management, then right-click C disk – expansion volume, from other disk drive to allocate a certain value to C disk, so C disk will increase a lot of space, your computer will not be card Oh!In addition, you should always keep an eye on the lower right corner of the computer these icons, if too much to close off the useless ha.

You can see that my sister opened very little, are commonly used ha.What? People think that clean up so much is done? Haha I told you, it is still far away. We have only cleaned up the inner junk of the computer. Don’t forget, the computer has a lot of external garbage. That is to clean the computer dust, this is actually not difficult at all. Our computer in the process of running, will accumulate a lot of garbage dust, if not cleaned in time, will affect the computer cooling, which may lead to damage to the computer hardware Oh.

First of all, let’s power down the computer ha, the main case apart, fan cooler, graphics card, motherboard, memory sticks, power lines, etc. are unplugged, and then use a soft brush and dry cloth are clean, the case can be washed, and then wipe dry. After cleaning up and then to install back ha. (Sister reminded everyone, can be removed on the demolition, remove the hardware can not be hard to demolish ha, because some students demolished the installation can not be installed, and finally looking for help sister)

After cleaning the mainframe, and finally clean up the computer monitor ha, this is more simple, Sister with cotton cloth and water can clean up the monitor, the cotton cloth dipped in water and then wrung out, gently wipe the monitor, from the left side of the monitor to the right side, in short, can not wipe haphazardly ha. (Sister remind you that you can not use a hard cloth, or hard paper, more can not be too hard to rub) monitor clean up, the last is the mouse keyboard, this is not difficult, Sister take down each key to clean up the keyboard, and then on, the mouse pad and mouse and then clean up a good.

Click on the system options in the upper left corner to enter the system settings, and in the options we will find a storage option.

It shows the current space utilization of each disk in the computer.

Select C disk to enter, the system will scan the entire disk and tell you what type of files are taking up the space.

It is very similar to the storage space shown on your phone, isn’t it?

The general temporary files in the things can be directly deleted, select a good thumbnail and other kinds of temporary files and click on delete.

The other desktop, documents, pictures and other options in the file you see to do, the deletion of the delete, the transfer of the transfer.

If you are looking for a new way to use your computer, you will find that you can uninstall the software that you don’t use very often.

Windows has also given you a feature here, of course.

The Windows system will automatically clean up your temporary files to free up space after you open it for a certain period of time (you can choose the length of time).

By the way, you can change the option “More Storage Settings” under Storage Sense.

When you download something, don’t always save your documents and music to C drive, it’s a good choice to change the default save location of new content to another drive to relieve C drive space.

After these steps are completed, as little as a few GB, as much as a few dozen GB of temporary files can be easily deleted, and several other disks of the computer can also be operated in this way.

If the released capacity of so many poor friends still feel a little bit of a drop in the bucket.

So don’t worry, let’s point into just C disk storage usage in the ” system and reserved space “, to see what exactly is taking up so much space.

You can see that in addition to the system files necessary for normal computer operation, virtual memory and hibernation files also take up a large portion of space.

Virtual memory allows your computer to execute more applications by using a portion of your hard drive space as memory when your computer is running low on physical memory (memory sticks).

Virtual memory also takes up a bit of space on the C drive, so it’s better to put it on another drive with more space.

On the desktop, move the cursor to “This PC”, then right-click and select Properties.

In the pop-up control panel, select “Advanced System Settings” – “Advanced” – “Settings” -” Advanced “-” Change “, you will enter the virtual memory settings interface.

After customizing the size of the virtual memory space, click on the settings below and then click OK, the transfer of virtual memory will be completed after the computer restarts.

After doing this is not enough, there are still many patches that have not been cleaned up yet.

As you know, Windows has a lot of bugs that need to be fixed by patches, in addition to the mandatory updates that come out of nowhere.

C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download This directory holds the patches that you downloaded before.

Copy the address to the computer’s index bar and enter to open it, the files that appear in it can be deleted directly, rest assured that the patches are not useful after installation.

If it is not possible, you can also transfer the space of other disks to C disk, because the expansion of C disk requires the use of third-party disk partitioning tools, Shi Chao here will not expand in detail.

In addition, we usually open the micro-credit QQ and Xunlei and other third-party applications, download the received pictures, videos and other files will also be saved in the C disk by default.

In order to make it not so soon full again, you can change the settings in the respective application, save it to another disk of the computer, do not mind also emptying the chat history.

After doing these steps, the C drive is almost ready to be cleaned up here.

Of course, if you don’t mind the trouble, format the entire C drive and reinstall the system; buy a larger capacity hard drive and use GHOST (image cloning, also known as backup) to copy the original C drive files to the new one.

Or it could be even easier: just get a new computer?
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